CAT-M1 / LTE-M Connectivity

LTE CAT-M1, also known as LTE-M Is a mobile communication standard aimed at devices and sensors. Devices with an LTE-M connection enjoy a more reliable signal (especially indoors) and lower energy usage than you would see with a mobile phone for example. This makes the technology suitable for so-called Low-power wide area (LPWA) applications (such as GPS Trackers).

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LTE-M advantages compared to existing 2G/3G/4G

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How does LTE-M make a difference?


The 3GPP (International) organisation has defined this mobile standard with future compatibility in mind specifically for devices. You can expect to rely on this technology for the forseeable future.

LTE-M vs NBIoT (narrowband)

Next to LTE-M there is another standard called NBIoT (NarrowBand), In comparison LTE-M allows a higher data throughput and also supports voice connection, the disadvantage it is not as efficient as NBIoT.

LTE-M use cases

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently more than 60 carriers support LTE-M worldwide, to find out in which countries Open M2M offers LTE-M connectivity please consult our coverage map.
Though LTE-M is part of the 4G and 5G standard, it isn't supported by all 4G/5G devices and modems. Please consult the technical manual of your product and look and see if "LTE-M" or "LTE CAT-M1" is supported.
No, Open M2M includes support for LTE-M in most western countries with coverage which is expanding every day, consult at our coverage map for more detailed information.
No, in almost all cases the sim card is the same type that you use in your phone. In some cases your device might require an embedded sim card, if (you suspect) this is the case, please contact us.
LTE-M connectivity radio signal

LTE-M at Open M2M

Open M2M supports LTE-M in multiple countries, to find out which please consult our coverage map

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  • 2G/3G/4G/LTE LTE-M & NBIoT coverage included (where available)
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